Jan 19, 2021
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Did you get to work on time yesterday?

to get to work. can't tell. to guess. barely. to seem. to be supposed to. to get home. running. to be glad.
Yesterday, I got to work at 8:20 but I am supposed to be there at 8.

I got to work a little late and I couldn't tell if my boss was mad or not because he barely said anything.

I guess he wasn't mad because he seemed normal later on in the afternoon.

I know I'm supposed to get to work on time but I'm usually running late in the mornings.

I got off of work at 5 and got home at 5:45.

I'm glad I got home on time because I was supposed to talk to my friend at 15 past 6.

I had to charge my phone because it was running out of battery.
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