Jan 13, 2021
551 Letters

I am hungry, thirsty, and I drink beer.

Are you hungry?
No, I'm not hungry.
How about you?
Yes, I am hungry.
Are your parents hungry?
Yes, they are.
Is she hungry?
No, she's not hungry but her husband is extremely hungry.

I am thirsty.
Are you thirsty?
No, I'm not thirsty.
What about Bob?
Yes, he is very thirsty.
What about your cousins, are they hungry?
No, they aren't hungry yet.

Do you drink beer? Yes, I drink beer.
What about you? No, I don't drink beer.
How about Bob? No, he doesn't.
And what about your mother?
Yes, she drinks a lot of beer but my father doesn't.
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